Athena Integration with Palantir


Athena Integration with PalantirFocus Area: Decision, Planning, and Analytical Tools

Description: Spiral development for the Operational Environment Scenario Generator Tool (OE-SGT) that was conducted by TRADOC Intelligence Support Activity (TRISA). This effort was mainly to harden the baseline, provide mechanisms to consume unstructured data to instantiate the start conditions of simulations such as One Semi Automated Force (OneSAF) and Joint Non-Kinetic Effects Model (JNEM). OE-SGT is being extended to support Athena and One-SAF with data from Palantir.

Project Cost: $0.196M

Project Duration: 12 months

Operational Impact: Provide software enhancements to the OE-SGT components needed to facilitate data gathering from other unstructured sources. This spiral will make data from Palantir accessible in a semi-automated manner to Athena and One-SAF.

Deliverable: Reports and software

Performer: CAE USA Inc.

End Users: Intel and Planning Support to Operations (J2, J3, and J8); IO/MISO