Physical Security

Physical Security (PS) Subgroup

Focus Areas

Blast Effects and Mitigation

Evaluate blast threats and develop anomaly detection and mitigation approaches to protect groups of personnel, facilities, installations, and venues. Develop decision support tools and technical solutions related to blast effects.

Screening, Observation, Detection, and Protection

Develop technologies and techniques to protect personnel in facilities, and infrastructure, by improving situational awareness; detecting, identifying, and locating threats; and, controlling access to critical assets. Emphasize automatic threat detection/alerting.

Maritime Security

Develop technologies to protect ships, ports, shore and offshore facilities. Develop sensors and devices for detection and tracking; physical barriers; and stopping devices.

Subterranean Activities

Develop capabilities to detect, locate, map, monitor, survey, and disrupt subterranean infrastructure and activities in permissive and non-permissive environments.



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