Business Information Delivery System (BIDS)


The Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Information Delivery System, better known as BIDS, works to support the CTTSO mission through the electronic publication of its annual BAAs. BAAs are the solicitation method of choice to bring the most urgent combating terrorism requirements forward for publication. CTTSO staff monitors BAA package instruction in light of submitter responses and feedback, and CTTSO implements improvements as needed each year to clarify the submission process. To ensure the widest possible distribution to submitters, BAAS can be downloaded at the BIDS Web site and are also advertised at the Federal Business Opportunities Web site. In addition to conventional government solicitation notices, the BIDS Web site provides a BIDS Advisory and Announcement area that posts BAA news, coming events, and partnering agency solicitations. In addition to the advisory, the RSS (really simple syndication) news feed allows interested users to receive real-time broadcast information at a local computer when connected to the Internet.

BIDS is a rich source of submitter information, providing small business outreach, online help, and guidance for offerors proposing the use of human subjects in research. Overall BAA statistics are posted once the BAA closes.

BIDS not only functions as a response collection system, but also provides for submission evaluation and submitter notification. Submitter data is fully protected in a 128-bit encrypted environment. Evaluators must comply with source selection data handling requirements and accept a nondisclosure agreement to access BIDS. In addition to the nondisclosure, evaluators must also certify that there is no conflict of interest before access is granted to any submissions. The evaluation process is monitored for timely notice to submitters with the typical response via an automated e-notice complete within 90 days.

BIDS continues to serve as a leading solicitation process model for other federal programs by providing a streamlined electronic solution to receive proposals, providing access for subject matter expert evaluation, processing submissions through the approving authority, notifying the submitter of status, and maintaining a record of solicitation results.