Evaluation Criteria


The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) conducts rapid prototype development focused on critical multi-agency and future threat counter/antiterrorism requirements. To meet the CTTSO mission, projects are generally selected with the following criteria:

  • Multi-agency requirements receive highest priority;
  • Rapid prototyping/tangible product; and
  • No duplication of effort.

Evaluation Criteria

Each submission (initially Quad Charts, then White Papers, and Full Proposals) is evaluated on its individual merit and relevance to the program requirement rather than against other proposals in the same general research area.

Basic Requirements

  • Proposed solution meets the stated requirement.
  • Proposal exhibits comprehensive understanding of the problem and the requirements.
  • Multiple users (U.S. government or commercial).
  • Compliant with solicitation requirements.


  • Achievable and reasonable for work proposed.
  • Costs analyzed and risks addressed.
  • Affordable with the budget contstraints.

Past Performance

  • Success in similar efforts.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver products within budget and schedule.
  • Team demonstrated expertise in technical and management areas of cost, schedule, and risk.

Technical Performance

  • Approach is feasible, achievable, and complete.
  • Technical team has expertise and experience.
  • Effort is defined, complete, and in logical sequence.
  • Deliverables and products are clearly defined and will meet the requirement.
  • Technical risks and mitigation are defined and reasonable.
  • Government furnished equipment and materials are identified.
  • Intellectual property ownership is addressed. Transition to production is addressed.
  • Other agency interest or funding is documented.


  • Achievable and reasonable for proposed solution.
  • Risk and critical elements addressed.