Government Partnership


The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office actively supports and encourages both technology transition and technology transfer through partnerships. The two most common types of partnership are through Licensing Agreements and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs).

Licensing Agreements

In order to ensure that technologies and federal funding best serve the interests of the government and the public, the CTTSO issues licenses for certain technologies to continue the technology transition path. Licensees must demonstrate an ability to market the technologies and express their intention to carry out production of the licensed technology.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements

CRADAs are legal agreements between a non-federal partner and a government research and development agency to conduct joint research and development in a technical area. CRADAs allow the private sector to take advantage of technology and expertise developed by the federal government.


None at this time. Any Licensing Agreements or CRADA opportunities will be posted here.