Colorimetric Barcode for Detection of HME Precursors


Focus Area: Detection and IdentificationColorimetric Barcode for Detection of HME Precursors

Description: Develop a low-cost, colorimetric cassette for the detection and identification/differentiation of permanganates, peroxides, nitroaromatics, nitrate esters and nitramines, inorganic nitrates, ammonium nitrate, urea nitrate, chlorates, and perchlorates from one sample.  A separate cassette will detect and identify aluminum, magnesium, and Iron(II).  

Project Cost: $2,668K

Project Duration: 36 months

Operational Impact: Provides a single step colorimetric test platform capable of reading multi-chemistry kits.

Deliverable: 500 prototypes, 2 cell phone readers.

Performer: FLIR

End Users: Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Justice, and Department of Defense Crime Lab