How to Prepare a Quad Chart


A quad chart conveys the essence of the proposed solution for a single requirement. When preparing a submission, the offeror shall ensure that the specific criteria of the requirement are addressed, the solution is clear, and can be accomplished with the proposed technology, cost, and schedule. The quad chart includes a document header and four quadrants. The Quad Chart format and sample are provided at the BIDS web site under Downloads, Reference Materials, Document Format.

Quad Chart 
Header Information

Header information shall include the BAA Announcement number, the Document Identifier, and the Proposal Title. The date and company name should be included along with the appropriate document markings.

Top Left Quadrant - Graphical Depiction

The top left quadrant is a graphical depiction, photograph, or artist’s concept of the proposed solution or prototype. Ideally, this will convey the prototype concept, use, capability, and any relevant size or weight relationships based on the published requirement.

Top Right Quadrant - Operational and Performance Capabilities

The top right quadrant contains the operational and performance capabilities summary. Describe any basic, new, or enhanced capabilities the system will provide to meet the published requirement. In bullet form, list key aspects of performance, capability, operational use, relevant software or hardware specifications, and planned interface and/or compatibility.

Bottom Left Quadrant - Technical Approach

The bottom left quadrant contains the proposed technical approach. Specifically, describe the technology involved, how it will be used to solve the problem, actions done to date, and any related ongoing efforts. Briefly describe the tasks to be performed for each phase.

Bottom Right Quadrant - Cost and Schedule

The bottom right quadrant contains the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) and Schedule, Products and Deliverables, and Corporate Contact Information. ROM and Schedule shall be proposed by phase and include the cost, period of performance (POP), and exit criteria for each phase. A total cost and POP that combines all phases shall also be included. Products and Deliverables shall include, by phase, a list of all prototype hardware and software along with the required data as described in “Product and Deliverable Requirements” in section 2 of this document. Corporate Contact Information shall include the submitter’s company name, point of contact, phone number, and e-mail address. Include any significant teaming partner (contact information) relevant to the evaluation. (Note that the contact information in the BIDS registration is used for all notices and contact purposes.)