DNA Radar

Focus Area:Advanced Log Collector Forensic Exploitation

Description: The DNA radar system provides an inference of identifiers from human DNA samples of unknown individuals. It harnesses a powerful sample preparation technique that enables multiplexing of a large number of genetic regions for high throughput sequencing. The ultimate objective is to positively identify persons from DNA whose samples/profiles are not already in a DNA database. The DNA Radar System allows for the prediction of surnames from samples by exploiting the genes on the Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA. DNA Radar can simultaneously analyze a sample to determine the FBI Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) 21 forensic markers, ancestry markers (Kidd 45 & 55 marker set), eye color, hair color, and blood group of an unknown individual of interest.

Project Cost: $2.0M

Project Duration: 24 months

Operational Impact: The proposed system will develop new methods for advanced DNA analysis to assist with investigative leads and targeting exploiting Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Deliverable: Three fully functional DNA Radar systems, one Illumina MiSeq, and 150 reagent kits.

Performer: Kailos Genetics, Huntsville, AL

End Users: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Defense Forensic Science Center

Transition: Distributed to DFSC and the FBI.