Afghan Source Operations Management

Focus Area:
Afghan Source Operations Management

Partnership Capacity Development


U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) identified a need to rapidly build the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) ability to collect, manage, and act on fine-grain intelligence harvested at the local level to penetrate local insurgent and criminal activity. The Afghan Source Operations Management (ASOM) project was used to meet this requirement to rapidly and meaningfully improve Host Nation Security Forces (HNSF) intelligence capacity. Loosely based off of lessons learned by the United Kingdom Special Branch and Intelligence Branch during the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland, ASOM codified and then culturally modified these lessons learned into a doctrine and doctrinally based lesson plans appropriate for the ANSF. ASOM was then delivered by experts and their Accredited Cultural Advisors through formal classroom training and in the field mentorship. Throughout the delivery of ASOM, compliance officers deployed to the different training areas to determine the effectiveness of the delivery of ASOM and how well it was being adopted by the ANSF. ASOM provided a meaningful way for the ANSF to collect and then share information with USFOR-A. It assisted in the marginalization of terrorist/extremist organizations in accordance with United States, Coalition, and Host Nation (HN) laws, policies, and directives.

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

31 months

Operational Impact:

ASOM developed a counterinsurgency security force information program that supported the ANSF collection and analysis capability by developing fully functioning information management systems within the host-nation security forces’ structures. It facilitated the ANSF penetration and attrition of the insurgent underground by criminalizing and marginalizing them within the rule of law.


ASOM designed, developed, delivered, and implemented a comprehensive informant management doctrine and methodology that transitioned to the Afghan National Police and the Afghan National Army. The ASOM curriculum has been modified and used successfully in other areas of responsibility. The ASOM curriculum is government owned and is available for U.S. Government use.


New Century Corporation International

End Users:

USFOR-A, U.S. Central Command, ANSF


The contractor transitioned the doctrine and lesson plans to the U.S. Government and the ANSF.